My Background and Approach

Having graduated in Economics, I moved in to the market research industry 20 or so years ago, and started to specialise within qualitative field recruitment at an agency local to me.

After working for a variety of agencies over several years, I decided to set up my own business after receiving enquiries about jobs which, when tackled, ended up being both enjoyable and highly successful.

Within b2b recruitment I now have an extremely wide variety of experience, but would highlight C-Suite and IT recruiting as my favourites, if pushed!

To reach (and then recruit) the best respondents, I filter my client and / or LinkedIn databases and, if necessary, generate fresh sample through Internet research.

I take pride in my job, and give each project a huge amount of time, effort (and sweat), if required. I am frequently awarded repeat business.

The results which I regularly obtain speak for themselves.


We would certainly come back to you if we had another tricky B2B project to recruit for - we really needed a specialist like you!

Web Usability Director, Aug 2016

Philip is a fantastic recruiter, and sure to be an asset for any quantitative and qualitative project featuring hard-to-reach respondents.

ComRes Senior Research Analyst, Feb 2014